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Our cost-consciousness is your competitive edge

Because this is so, we at osp invest in flexible automated solutions, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, equipment types requiring short retooling times, in-house design and construction, and adaptable work-hour and shift models.

Company founding

In 1969, the Schulz brothers, Heinz and Walter, founded Schulz Präzisionsteile GmbH, a cutting company in Neckarwestheim. The company quickly acquired an excellent reputation with its high-quality manufacture and successfully grew.

Our machines

In both the conventional and the CNC areas, we have a wide variety of machines for turning and milling at our disposal.
The diversity of machine types allows us great flexibility to manufacture a wide variety of workpieces.
To guarantee manufacture from a single source, osp has an impressive range of peripheral machines and equipment at its disposal.
Cutting-edge measuring devices round out the machine park.

Success in the sum

OSP demonstrates the accuracy of the maxim that success resides in the sum of everyone’s contributions and the processes employed. Only when all employees, suppliers, the technology, and our know-how work optimally together can above-average quality be attained at a competitive price.

success in the sum

A new generation

In 1993, Schulz Präzisionsteile GmbH was restructured and continued operation as osp präzisionsteile GmbH. Oliver Schulz, the founder’s son, took over management of the company. In 2004, Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Balekjian joined the management team. Today, the company employs over 60 qualified workers. It also offers a large number of interesting apprenticeships.

An established company, we have come to especially value the years of cooperation with our customers and employees. Our employees provide us the know-how that flows into all of the components we manufacture.

Responsibility for environmet

Legal requirements and disposal costs are one thing – but for us, the consciousness that all resources are limited is quite another. The conclusion is obvious: The way we deal with nature and the raw materials at our disposal must be as non-intrusive as possible.

responsibility for environmet