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We use the “Inventor” and “SolidWorks” CAD systems for your constructions. The application conforms to your specifications and the complexity of the task.

For complex construction tasks, we use the high-performance 3D “Inventor” system. It is noteworthy for its extensive simulation technology, simple part modelling, innovative functions, practically relevant depiction, and wide use.

Both systems accept drawing files in all commonly used formats.



The workpieces to be manufactured are becoming increasingly complex and varied. Nevertheless, we wish to live up to the constantly increasing demands of our customers without deviating from our high standards of quality.

We have therefore chosen the “Cimatron” and “SprutCAM” CAM systems for external machine programming.
These high-performance systems shorten manufacturing times, avoid error sources, and guarantee quality. Both programs are open, interactive NC programming systems that have been optimized for our manufacturing processes and are notable for the following characteristics:

  • Simple operation
  • Practically relevant simulation technology
  • Detailed collision checks
  • Convenient data management
  • Comprehensive data management

We accept the following file formats:



Resource planning is becoming increasingly extensive and the demands on manufacturing organizations greater.
Shorter reaction times and growing quantities of data make an ERP system necessary to efficiently manage the complex organization and product processes.

The BIOS-2000 ERP system allows us to meet this challenge.

BIOS-2000 is a practically relevant, modular PPS/ERP solution designed especially for manufacturers.

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